Below you will find the best Farmhouse, Restaurant, Pizzerias and Ice-Cream Shop in Calci (Pisa)

Pizzeria La Certosa Via G. Granucci, 32

Pizzeria Voglia di Pizza Piazza Cavallotti, 1

In the heart of Valgraziosa, not far from the Town Hall, Pizzeria Voglia di Pizza offers a wide choice of pizza, focaccia, cecina and much more to please even the most demanding palates. Open 7 days a week, from 05.00 pm to late into the night; lunch by reservation only. Garden and large parking area.

Il Conventino Località Tre Colli, 1

Il Pozzo di San Vito Via Provinciale Arnaccio, 12

Il Barrino Via Francesco Ruschi, 6

In the old centre of Calci, a stone’s throw from the Romanesque Church, "Il Barrino" Restaurant is a welcoming place where you can enjoy homemade food with a sprinkle of lovely extra-virgin olive oil.

Telefono +39050938060

La Vecchia Pieve Via Francesco Ruschi, 26

As soon as you step into La Vecchia Pieve, you will be tempted by the lovely traditional flavours of good, old tasty and wholesome Tuscan food. We use genuine ingredients in all our dishes. You will enjoy the flavours of the Tuscan countryside, the woods and the nearby coasts, and lastly our pizza cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven.

Le Porte Via Provinciale Arnaccio, 1

Trattoria di Montemagno Piazza V. Veneto, 2

Bar Del Carlo Via Provinciale Lungomonte Pisano, 20

Telefono +39050936095

Bar Passaparola Via Della Chiostra, 1

Bar Pasticceria Celandroni Via Roma, 50

In Calci, Pasticceria Andreoni Paolo prepares handmade cakes and ice creams with fresh, genuine ingredients and traditional methods you won’t easily find anywhere else nowadays. In addition, you can pop in the bakery to enjoy a lovely breakfast or a light lunch made with excellent products and ingredients. Our bakery is open every day, from 6 am to 8 pm.

Telefono +39050938260

Cantina di Giò Via Brogiotti, 6

Le Gemelle Via Roma, 30

Il Colibrì via Eugenio III, 8

L'incontro Via Provinciale Arnaccio, 21

Telefono +393496833289

Pescheria Barsotti via della Chiostra, 41

Telefono +39050934136

Fattoria San Vito Via Caprili, 5

At Fattoria San Vito we are convinced that a good wine can’t be made in the cellar but in the fields, using excellent grapes ripened on plants grown in a natural way: that’s why we take great care of the vinyard. The vinyard, one productive hectar and one developing, is located in San Vito, Calci, and is grown without herbicides, chemical fertilizers, pesticides; we only use copper and sulphur to protect it from cryptogamic deseases, following the rules of organic farming. Grapes are harvested in the ideal moment of ripening, rigorously by hand using baskets, then immediately carried to the cellar, destemmed, pressed and put into tuns. Fermentation happens without adding yeast, using the technique of pumping over for red wine and the early separation of the peels for white wine. Clarification is made through decanters and rackings, without filtration. After a short aging in stainless steel barrels, wine is ready to be sold. The Fattoria San Vito Red Wine is 60% Sangiovese grapes, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Merlot. The Fattoria San Vito White Wine is 80% Trebbiano, 10% Vementino and 10% Chianti Malvasia We are always available for visits in the vinyard and tastings in the cellar.

Apicoltura La Valle Graziosa Via Calcesana, 128

L’alveare è una stella pura Pozzo d’ambra che alimenta il ritmo delle api. Seno dei campi Tremulo d’aromi e di ronzii. (da Il Canto del miele di Garcia L)

L'Emporio Via Don Minzoni, 7

Piccolo emporio di paese dove si può trovare di tutto proprio come una volta, dagli alimentari, igiene persona, casa, articoli di tabaccheria, servizio fax, pagamento bollettini postali, ricariche telefoniche e una buona selezione di vini nazionali sia in vendita che da poter gustare all'ora dell'aperitivo con i nostri stuzzichini. Aperti 7 giorni su 7 con orario dal lunedì al sabato 6:00 - 13:00 e 16:00 - 20:00 la domenica 7:00 - 13:00 e 16:00 - 20:00