Pisa is the Province of Calci and is the primary city you will visit to get there. You can organize you travel with train or airplane to Pisa and then use Autobus or Taxi services to come to Calci.

Public Transports

  • Bus

    CPT offers large number of runs. Check out the official site.

  • Trains

    Trenitalia offers trains from main Cities around Calci to Pisa, Province of Calci.

  • Airport

    You can arrive in Pisa with Air transport, watch the official site of Pisa Airport.

  • RadioTaxi Pisa

    You can use Taxi serivices to come in Calci from Pisa Airport or Train Station. Call the number: 050 541600. The official website of the Radio Taxi Pisa is: http://www.cotapi.it/it/. You can also send an SMS with CITY – ROAD – HOUSE NUMBER at the number: 331 83 42 333.